Animazement Trio feat. Karina Gillette and Trevor Rogelstad

by Matthew Billman

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UPDATE: Check it!!!

As a So. Californian, it's sort of required that I love Disney. And I do. I Grew up with it; Disneyland was my first theme park; Disney movies were always to go-to. Now that I'm older, I marvel--to no understatement--at the empire Disney has built, the incredible (and just as magical) infrastructure of their parks, and the sheer magnitude of their creative engine: the Imagineers. So it was only a matter of time before I recorded something Disney related!

I had the opportunity to record this with TWO incredible vocalists, Karina Gillette (featured on previous recordings) and Trevor Rogelstad. Both fit their parts perfectly, and have more acting experience than I can even begin to comprehend (Karina's on something like her 70th musical). It was a pleasure to work with these amazing people.

Please enjoy this song, and if it brings back memories of your own magical Disney experience, share it on Facebook by copying this link to your status:


released August 16, 2013
In order of Appearance:
Karina Gillette, Pocahontas
Trevor Rogelstad, Hercules
Matthew Billman, Quasimoto

Instrumentals acquired from anonymous source.




Matthew Billman Stanford, California

I am a classical-pop singer/songwriter based in Northern California! I can be contacted at and by phone at (858) 382-7546.

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